Wake Up With a Smile | Dentistry

Envision: you walk into the dentist’s office and you are completely relaxed. As you lie down in a chair with a warm blanket, you fall asleep. Then you wake up to find everything done. Too many people avoid having dental work because they are afraid of the dentist. For those people, “sleep dentistry” can be a major help.Many people may ask, “So what is sleep dentistry, anyways?” The answer is that expressly trained dentists prescribe you an extremely safe, ordinary sleeping pill after they discuss your procedures with you. An hour before your appointment, you take the sleeping pill so that you come to the dentist very relaxed. After you arrive, you may be given another sleeping pill. Once you lie in the chair, you are covered with a blanket. Your vital signs are checked constantly while you drift in and out of sleep. As you are sedated, all of your dental work is completed. After you get up, the appointment is over!

The sleeping pill is also beneficial because it allows you to forget, most, if not all, of your visit.

Millions of dental procedures have been performed safely while the patient was asleep. Every dental procedure can be done while you are asleep and most patients are able to complete all their dental needs in as little as 2 appointments. If you are afraid of anything from routine cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, “sleep dentistry” can help. Just visualize waking up with the beautiful smile you always wanted!